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Flowmeters for Industrial Applications  

Flowmeters for Industrial Applications

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Ultrasonic Flowmeters - QStar Series

QStar ultrasonic flowmeters operate according to the high-precision ultrasonic transit time difference method. Thanks to clamp-on technology, the ultrasonic transducers used can be installed in a matter of minutes. No need exists to cut or penetrate your pipes. This possibility, together with the elimination of process interruptions, means that QStar devices are the key to minimizing operating costs.

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Turbine Flowmeters - G Series Precision Models

The G Series Precision turbine flowmeters for food and beverage, dairy, and pharmaceutical applications are the most accurate flow meters from GPI. In this 0.5%(half-percent) accuracy flowmeter line you will find flowmeters made out of stainless steel housings, flowmeters that read in both liters and gallons, and flowmeters that are half of a percent accurate. The G Series Precision turbine flowmeter line also includes flowmeters that will work with most chemicals and won't crumble when put through high pressure applications. These flowmeters come in NPT Taper, BSP, and ISO Taper fittings.

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G2 Series Tri-Clover with computer

Turbine Flowmeters - G2 Series Industrial Grade Models

The G2 Series turbine flowmeters are intrinsically safe, cost-effective, ideal for monitoring, batching and for some process control applications. This why they remain the most popular GPI flowmeter. G2 Series flowmeters are suitable for any Class 1, Division 1 enviroment. These self-contained, compact flowmeters also feature an integrated display. These flowmeters come in stainless steel, aluminum, brass, pvc, and pvdf materials. The G2 Series flowmeters come in 150# ANSI Flange, ISO, NPT, Tri-Clover®, and Solvent Weld fittings.

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Water Meters - TM Series Models

This economy water flowmeter is an ideal alternative to traditional water meters. The TM Series water meters offer flow rate and flow total indication that help monitor water flow in waste water applications, water treatment, and sub-metering applications. The battery powered electronic display TM Series water flowmeters are calibrated to read in gallons and liters per minute.

The new TM300 and TM400 electronic computer can read gallons, litres, and cubic feet. These water flowmeters also have two totals in which case one is resettable and the other gives you cumulative flow totals. These electronic water meters are available in ½ in, ¾ in, 1 in, 1 ½ in, 2 in, 3 in. and 4 ...

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A1/03 Aluminum 1 in. Meter

Fuel/Petroleum Flowmeters - A1 Series Commercial Grade Models

The A1 Series turbine flowmeters are the ideal economical flowmeters for monitoring fuel, petroleum, and non-aggressive chemicals. These economical flowmeters come in aluminum and nylon housings. The nylon flowmeter is widely used to measure water and the aluminum flowmeter to measure gasoline fuel. The A1 Series turbine flowmeters are designed as self-contained, battery powerd units. The A1 series flowmeters come in NPT, ISO, and BSPP fittings.

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Watch How To Convert your 09 Computer Display from Local to Remote on YouTube.

01 Series Aluminum 1 in. Meter

Digital Flowmeters - Economy Models

Looking for economical flowmeters? The GPI economy electronic digital flowmeters are what you are looking for. These economy model flowmeters are great for basic flow monitoring. GPI manufactures various economical flowmeters that are good for measuring petroleum fuel, water, chemicals, harsh chemicals, engine oils, and transmission fluids. These economy flowmeters come in various fitting and connection types such as NPT, BSPT, Schedule 80 Soc, ISO, and BSPP. Check individual flowmeter models for their specific fitting type.

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Electronic Controller GBT Deluxe Batch

Flowmeter Electronics and Modules

GPI flowmeter electronics include local and remote 4-20mA output, flowmeter batchers, flowmeter controllers, flowmeter scaled pulse, flowmeter pulse output with and without display. GPI also offers a wireless system to transmit flowmeter pulse signals to monitoring equipment. These electronic choices include explosion proof totalizer & rate indicators.

Popular Flowmeter Batcher, Totalizers, and 4-20mA Signal Modules

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