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Chemical Pumps

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P-120H and P-200H

Chemical Transfer Pumps

GPI 12-Volt and 115-Volt Chemical Transfer Pumps are designed for use with today's most common herbicides Pump materials ensure years of dependable service from your GPI Chemical Transfer Pump. Typical applications include but are not limited to agriculture, hobby farm and landscape or lawn and garden services Chemical compatibility is critical when choosing the best pump for the job.

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HP-100C DUAL-FLO® Hand Pump

Designed for use with chemicals, use the HP-100C Dual-Flo® with thin or thick fluids up to 3,000 centipoise viscosity. This pump has two handle settings. One setting for high volumes, one for lower volumes with less resistance.
Dual-Flo® Aluminum Piston Hand Pump for medium fluids. Includes ¾ in. x 8 ft (2.4 m) EPDM hose, thermoplastic nozzle and 22 to 40 in. (56 to 102 cm) adjustable suction pipe. Fits 2 in. NPT bung.

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