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Item # 114000-7, HP-100-PO

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The HP-100 Dual Flo® Hand Pump is a premium hand pump that is reliable and versatile. For high-volume fuel transfer, use the high handle position: the HP-100 generates twice the flow of any other hand pump.




Design Type



Up to 50 gallons per 100 strokes


Pump Only

Tank Fitting

2 Inch NPT

Mechanical Connection

1 in. Inlet
in. Outlet

To Use With

Kerosene, Gasoline (up to 15% alcohol blends such as E15), Diesel fuel (up to 20% biodiesel blends such as B20), Petroleum products such as medium oil (up to 30W), and hydraulic fluid

Unique Features

Premium pump moves fluid on both push and pull strokes. Lockable.


2 years


HP-100 Dual-Flo Petroleum Hand Pump Owner's Manual
(PDF, 291KB)

 Spare Parts: HP-100 

Exploded View HP-100 Series Dual-Flo® Piston Hand Pump
Spare Parts: HP-100 DUAL-FLO® Piston Hand Pump